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Ken Ritz: 
4383 9th Street
Wayland, MI 49348
616-877-4844 Home
616-430-4844 Cell

Jeff Bredeweg:

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Toni Bredeweg:

The Moline Softball Association is made up of 10 Board Members and their wives.  
The board members serve 3 year terms and attend 4-6 meetings a year.  The annual meeting is held in April. 
 If you are interested in becoming a member of the Moline Softball Association contact any board member for information.

Organized softball has been played in Moline since 1957 and was started by the Moline Garden Club.
In 1962 The Moline Softball Association was formed; George Schrotenboer served as president.

The Moline Softball Association is a non Profit Organization dedicated to providing
softball and recreation to the surrounding areas along with helping residents in need.

Your current board members are:

Ken Ritz, President
Jeff Bredeweg, Vice President
Lisa Bredeweg, Treasurer
Tim Bredeweg, Secretary
Ken Ritz Jr, Member
Jessie Beck, Member
Steve Kuipers, MemberSteve Meyering, Member
Willy Nieuwenhuis, Member
Steve Oetman, Member
Colten Bredeweg, Member
Randy Jager, Member
Marv DeHaan, Member